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Thank you for stopping by! As you’ve known, JRaws has been a free-to-download website and will always be like that. We say “NO” to annoying ads. We make it easy for people to be able to reach their favorite Japanese dramas, movies with an effortless and just-click-to-download system.
To keep it running smoothly and consistently, we can’t do it without your help. Start giving us a hand and donate now to help us with server, hosting fees, hardware upgrades and many others. We will sincerely be thankful for that!


By helping us reach certain donation amount each month, you help us pay for operation fees to keep the website fast & free. The excess amount will be used for hardware upgrades such as buying new hard drives. We are always in need of storage space 🙁 We have used nearly 18.0 TB (~18,000 GB) of data for our collection of dramas. This could be even more in the future as we haven’t focused on uploading movies yet. And please note that the donation goal may be increased as more online storage space is used to host new files.

By donating from $3 and up, you will receive a license key to create an account on our website (We are currently developing this section. We’ll send you the key via email when it’s completed):
– Giving you access to new features.
– You can make a request for older series to be re-uploaded on our website. We’ll do our best to fulfill it.
– You can make a request for a smaller resolution of your favorites to be encoded and uploaded.

We’ll give you a credit for being a donor! You get new roles on Discord!

You help us speed up our work directly and serve you better, as we are no longer worried about financial problems.

Thank you for your reading!

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